Jesus Our Teacher

Jesus Our TeacherThe icon depicts the journey of faith in Scotland.

Central to the icon is Christ and all roads lead to Him and from Him. In his hand the open book in Gaelic and English: “You call me Teacher and Lord and rightly so for that is what I Am” (John 13:13). At the top right St. Andrew (patron saint of Scotland) and St. Peter cast their nets aside to follow Christ.

Top left: Iona Abbey founded by St Columba who arrived from Ireland around 563 AD. In the sky St Andrew’s cross which appeared in the sky in 832 AD after the Pictish king prayed to St Andrew for victory against the English king Athelstan’s army and went on to victory.

Two pre-Reformation saints, St Margaret and St Mungo followed by the post Reformation saint St John Ogilvie.

A depiction of the poorer working class including Irish immigrants followed by 8 young people representing the youth of Scotland after the 1818 Education Act who have gone on to take their place in society enabling them to play a full contributing role to Scottish culture and society.